What are the Roles of Monks and Nuns?

Monks and nuns are the lowest in the hierarchy of various religions. They are neither members of the clergy nor are they members of the lay faithful. They are called consecrated religious, and this means that they have taken vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. So, what exactly are the roles of played by monks and nuns in the monasteries?

Gathering Alms
Monk and nuns are supposed to go out and seek alms in a peaceful manner and with humility. They, however, do not seek or beg in the way in which a regular beggar does, but they modestly present themselves to receive offerings.

Temple and church sweeping and cleaning: once monks and nuns have returned from seeking alms and have taken their meal, their next duty is sweeping the monastery grounds. They are supposed to sweep from the main chapel then go all the way down to their quarters.

Another major role of nuns and monks is a confession. What exactly do we mean by this? Confession involves a monk or a nun who has sinned against their monastic discipline, and they wish to express their regret over this misdeed to his preceptor, and then promises to never repeat the misdeed.

Meditating and Chanting
This should be done both evening and morning to strengthen their faith in a concrete way constantly. Having said this, people in the ancient past viewed chanting as a vital part of daily life.

Reflection helps them to be a person who are diligent and attentive. After reflecting nuns and monks will possess clarity of mind, self-restraint and be people who don’t suffer from the affliction of greed. The more they practice reflection, the more they will have self-awareness, and their sense of perception improves along with their ability to judge other people with greater preci­sion

Caring for The Priest or Preceptor
Monks and nuns owe a lot to their preceptors. The precep­tor spends hours instructing them on the how to meditate on the religion tirelessly. As a result, they express their gratitude by helping him in all possible areas, including personal matters and respect­ing him.

Maintenance, Management, and Exercise
Monks and 
nuns must learn to care for their personal properties, as well as the temple property. They must well understand principles of good organization, efficiency, and caring for things for them to last.

Responsibility and Caring for Monastery Property
Monastery Property means anything and everything that has been built for or donated to in the name of that religion. Every monk or nun must co-operate with one another to help care for all these things. Otherwise, people may not continue donating the goods. You may come across some temples have been destroyed or abandoned, and one of the reasons may be that the monks didn’t take care of the temple properly. Proper care of the monastery instills a desire for fixing and looking after things.

By reading this article, I hope you have now understood the various roles played by nun and monks in the monasteries. If you’d like more on this subject, check out this article.